An Irish Pub Under Polish Management

Over the past 30 years, The Honey Creek Inn, located in the small Village of Cannonsburg, preserves and exemplifies what a Pub truly is: Historic, full of local tradition, and the warmth of the many hearts that have passed through the Inn over the years.Displaying hundreds of original taps of beers served over the years, the Honey Creek Inn continues serving the best brews in true English pint glasses. Preparing foods from around the world and your mom's kitchen, we bring you a menu with exciting twists that will warm the cockles of your heart. Drawing from local sources for quality and freshness, the HCI offers your favorite comfort foods. With offering for vegetarians, gluten-free and all foods the Honey Creek Inn has something for everyone. So enjoy your trip back in time where the table service is exceptional and the cell phone service stinks.

THE HONEY CREEK INN 616-874-7849

THE BOTTLE SHOP 616-874-5237

THE GRIST MILL 616-874-6200