The Village

The Cannonsburg Village is located on the banks of the Bear Creek in neighborly Cannonsburg, Michigan. Settled in 1842 on what was once an old Native American Trail, Cannonsburg is an unincorporated community located within Cannon Township in the county of Kent. By 1845, the community had 2 mills, both constructed by Edwin B. Bostwick, and a general store. To entice additional settlers, the community was platted in 1845 and under the direction of businessmen and financier LeGrand Cannon, Bostwick was instructed to grant each settler with a lot within the community. In all, twenty-five lots were given away and the settlement was named in honor of Cannon, who acknowledged the honor with the gift of a small cannon engraved with his name and the date. Originally spelled Cannonsburgh, Cannonsburg was renamed to its present spelling in 1894.

A Brief History

  • 1842: The settlement at cannonsburgh founded

  • 1844: Post office opens

  • 1894: Cannonsburgh renamed to its present spelling, cannonsburg

  • 2009: Village mascot, ralph t. Moose was adopted

The Mystery Of Legrand's Cannon

The cannon provided by legrand cannon was used by the townspeople to commemorate holidays, including the 4th of july, until someone was hurt firing the ordinance. To prevent further injuries, the cannon was buried; however, it was found at a later date, refitted for firing, and incorporated into community festivities once again. Unfortunately, another person was injured while firing the cannon and again buried. To this day, it has not been found...

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